Globe creates new holiday traditions for the most wonderful Christmas

Truly, traditions are essential in every culture. It creates different experiences for everyone. Take Filipinos, for example… the Christmas season is, no doubt, one of the most celebrated traditions across the county. To my knowledge, the Philippines celebrates Christmas the longest in the world. Malls, establishments and even homes are already adorned with holiday decor and decked out in merry colors as early as September.

But hey… whether it’s the annual Christmas dinner, holiday gift shopping, or getting away and heading off to wonderful destinations, the true meaning of the season is anchored on togetherness. Agree? Some of us may be oceans apart but our love for one another brings everyone closer.

And just because times are changing fast doesn’t mean our old traditions are going away anytime soon. On the contrary, today’s digital lifestyle allows old traditions to be relived and made even more exciting! How? Through the use of technology, of course. By turning these traditions into new ones, using the latest digital trends from Globe and allowing everyone to create new memories for a lifetime with the people who matter the most.

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