An enjoyable family getaway at Winford Hotel and Casino in Manila

The best treats are normally the ones you never really expect.

This is pretty much how I would put in a single sentence my short but sweet stay at Winford Hotel and Casino in Manila.

Little did I know that right smack in the middle of the bustling Manila scene, I would happen to chance upon a delightful escape that rivals the experience one gets from the usual, more established hotels in the metro.

I’m sure that some of you who probably live in and around Manila already know about Winford Hotel and Casino. It’s actually not hard to find since the place is strategically located just a stones throw away from commercial establishments and malls. But for someone like me who only passes through the busy city of Manila every so often, it was a truly pleasant surprise — even more pleasant when I experienced staying at Winford with my family for a couple of nights.

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