With formoline L112, I can eat, eat, and eat… and still lose weight!

Many have already been asking me how I am able to stay in shape and still get to eat all the kinds of dishes that are normally “bawal” sa diet. Especially all the fatty food.

Many of you who follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page know how much I loooooooove BACON, cheese, eggs, and Spam! If you think about it, most (if not all) of these are discouraged if you want to lose weight or cut down on cholesterol. But, I can’t stop eating them! Hahaha!

formoline L112 - chuckie dreyfus - abs

I also do a lot of travel blogging and vlogging which involves a LOT of eating, too! I mean… how else to immerse yourself in a new place than by experiencing the flavors of one’s culture right? Well, it used to be a challenge trying to watch my weight especially when there’s so much food around to enjoy. But, not anymore!

Wanna know my secret? It’s simple.

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