WD My Cloud – Personal and Powerful

If there’s one thing we gadget users need an abundance of apart from an unending supply of battery power, it is perhaps storage space. Wouldn’t you agree?

What good is a device like a tablet or a laptop (or even a smartphone for that matter) if you do not have enough storage to save all your valuable files.

Apart from space, one would seriously need the convenience to move data from one place to another.

People have been eating up cloud services like crazy for quite sometime now because of how easy it is to access files remotely as well as to free up physical storage space. But those who use cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and iCloud know all too well that the free space they offer is barely enough. Additional storage space is almost always given at a premium and on a subscription basis. Ouch!

Thankfully, there is now a way to have your own personal cloud service without the need for expensive monthly/yearly recurring payments.
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