The Filipino spirit is waterproof but it’s not enough

Seriously… can we please stop saying that “The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof”?

Do you really want to keep saying that over and over again as a kind of coping mechanism for our suffering due to government’s incompetence and lack of infrastructure preparedness because of corruption?

Yes, our spirit is waterproof just as it is resilient. I get that already. Everyone does.

But we can be better than that.

Just as our spirit is waterproof, strong and unwavering, we ultimately need to teach our minds and hearts that there is a sea of difference between being forgiving and being disappointingly stupid.

The Filipino spirit is waterproof, indeed… No one needs convincing. But let’s get out of this puddle of crap once and for all.

We owe it to ourselves and to future generations.

I look forward to a day, hopefully soon, when a good number of us can easily turndown the glare of a few hundred pesos in exchange for our votes and look longterm instead.

A time when we, as a people, need not endure the problems that befall us due to constant gullibility, government incompetence and personal greed.

Resilience isn’t just about acceptance. It is about change.

And until we learn to make that change… to stop bickering and to acquire a genuine sense of responsibility and discipline, our resilience and being “waterproof” will never become more than what it only is today – a weakness.