The Venque Duffel Pack 1.0 – One bag to rule them all

I love to travel. It’s just one of those things that I truly look forward to, whether the journey is near or far.

The past few years have been especially good to me in terms of travel and adventure. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to see new places far and wide — and I continue to enjoy these wonderful escapes which I happily share and recount to all my readers through my blog.

Venque Duffel Pack 1.0 - Urban Traveller, Co.

One thing that sometimes becomes a difficulty when going on a trip, which I’m sure frequent travelers would agree to, is carrying a ton of items and clothes. But it only becomes a burden when one chooses the wrong kind of bag to use.

I love bags that can carry a whole lot of stuff yet can be brought along with ease and comfort. Normally, I’d go for a backpack since it frees up both my hands to do other things. But during trips that require me to be away longer, a regular backpack wouldn’t suffice. During these instances, I normally depend on a trolley or a duffel bag. But, trolleys, especially the bigger ones, usually need checking-in, while duffel bags are a strain on the shoulders and hands after long periods of carrying.

Thankfully, I found the answer not too long ago.

It’s called the Venque Duffel Pack 1.0.

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