Learning the importance of sleep at the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop

I move in an industry where sleep is hardly given the kind of importance and priority it rightfully deserves. More often than not, sleep takes a backseat to what most people in my circle seemingly perceive to be more important activities. What escapes them is the fact that lack of proper sleep time can negatively affect one’s physical and mental wellness, especially as working adults. On the flipside, when one gets enough quality rest, tasks are accomplished not just faster but more efficiently, and one’s disposition is positive.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium

Just recently, my attendance to the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop at their beautiful showroom in Magallanes further reinforced what I have always believed in — that sleep is KING. And the ignorance of this vital truth not only affects one’s lifestyle negatively but can — and will — cause serious complications on his/her health.

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