Okada Manila unveils The Fountain on March 31 with a spectacle like no other!

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you’ve most likely already heard of OKADA MANILA and how practically everyone has been in awe of the new place and its incredible offerings.

Well, things are gonna get more awesome really soon since Okada Manila is getting ready for another milestone on March 31. This beautiful and luxurious establishment is now preparing for the grand reveal of the world’s largest multicolor dancing water fountain, set to join the ranks of the country’s top tourism landmarks.

Okada Manila - The Fountain - Grand Unveiling

It is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated and eagerly awaited events as of late. I personally am just as excited as everyone else because of what I’ve been hearing about it, not to mention all the hype being generated by it. And with good reason!

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