The Ultimate Taste Test 2014 – The Rockwell Tent

Taste is relative. What is flavorful and delicious for me may not be the same for you and vice-versa. That, in my opinion, is what makes putting up food spots very tricky. One has to be able to cater to a good number of people and be unique enough in order to be successful and sustain this particular kind of business.

We are all food critics in our own right, wouldn’t you agree? So, why not test your critiquing skills together with other “food critics for a day” and see if your taste is the kind that makes (or breaks) upstart food businesses.

It’s the Ultimate Taste Test 2014!

Ultimate Taste Test 2014

No doubt, you’ve already heard of this annual gastronomical event before. If you haven’t been to one, make sure not to miss it this year!

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