UBE-be-baby! It’s the Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

Who would’ve known that ube could be used in so many dishes and in so many unusual ways? Some of you probably know this and aren’t surprised, but I sure as hell didn’t.

I love ube! A lot! But I’ve only learned to enjoy it in the most common and typical of ways. You can pretty much imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered the various ways that ube can be prepared and enjoyed when I recently flew to Bohol to attend their Ubi Festival 2016.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016
Hello again, Bohol!

Bohol is probably the province I frequented the most last year, totalling to about 5 trips. And during all those visits, never was I told that Ubi (this is how Boholanos say “ube”) was such an important crop in this place. So much so that Bohol celebrates the Ubi Festival annually.

Bohol Ubi Festival 2016
Ube-be I love your way… :)

The Ubi Festival is held every year to give importance to the crop that feeds Bohol and other parts of the Philippines. Giving it the value and recognition it deserves is a testament to the tremendous love Boholanos have for ubi.

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