100 OREO Moments


Endless nights of conceptualization and layout designing.

That was the scene in recent days for me and my wife as we eagerly finished her “AmbassadOREO” entry for OREO’s 100th Birthday Celebration.  For those scratching their heads and thinking to themselves, “What is an AmbassadOREO anyway?”, you can check out my wife’s travel blog entry to know about it in detail.  Basically, my wife and 2 other bloggers (Anton Diaz of “Our Awesome Planet” and Richie Zamora of “The Pickiest Eater“) were invited by OREO to post their respective 100 OREO Moments as their entries for the AmbassadOREO competition.

These bloggers are tasked to compile and present “100 OREO Moments” on their blogs.  How they collect these moments is totally up to them.  They were given exactly a week to complete their entry and put it up online.  Quite a daunting task given the limited amount of time.  But help is allowed…  the bloggers are allowed to seek help and assistance from friends, loved ones and acquaintances to send in their personal captured OREO moments.  How these moments are presented in terms of creativity and execution is up to each blogger.

Among the three bloggers of which my wife is one of, OREO will select the most creative entry – the one which most depicts what OREO stands for… fun, happiness, love, childlike innocence and togetherness.  The blogger whose entry is selected will be hailed as “Blogger AmbassadOREO”.

For such a challenging task, one must wonder what kind of prize the winner will be merited with.

Well, the lucky person who will be crowned “Blogger AmbassadOREO” will be sent to New York with his/her companion (all expense paid, of course) to accompany the AmbassadOREO family who will be representing our country during OREO’s 100th Birthday Celebration.  These AmbassadOREOs will be billeted at the “Waldorf Astoria” for an entire week with a substantial amount of pocket money.  Awesome, right???

Oh! Silly me… I forgot.  You can still join the AmbassadOREO contest and become THE “AmbassadOREO Family”!  There’s still time in case you guys are interested. Click here to know all about it.

Anyways, I’d like to sincerely thank our countless friends and loved ones who helped out by submitting their captured OREO moments for our compilation.  I love you, guys!  Y’all know who you are… *hugs* & *fistbumps*

My wife’s AmbassadOREO entry entitled, “The Tummy Traveler’s 100 OREO Moments” is posted on a dedicated page on her food/travel blog, “The Tummy Traveler”.  Click here to check it out.

If you’d like to see the AmbassadOREO entries of Anton and Richie, you can view them here and here respectively.

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Oh… and before I end this entry, enjoy this quick (and very random) video of me and my family doing a very familiar OREO challenge.  Happy viewing!