An Ass And A Half

I complain a lot about how our police force is infested with “buwayas” and “kotong cops”… about how most of us never feel secure anymore regardless if there’s an officer around.

That being said, no one should be above the law still.

No person wearing a badge, especially one who is merely doing his/her job, should be disrespected, manhandled, or humiliated in any way. Respect should always be accorded, especially to a person in uniform.

Sad to say, Mr. Robert Blair Carabuena, did exactly the opposite. And he did it with all the world to see.

Mr. Carabuena was caught by TV5’s camera crew humiliating and mauling an MMDA traffic enforcer not even half his size – pointing his finger right at the poor man’s face, gesturing to punch him, hitting his head with a cap repeatedly, and slapping him hard on the face.

Watch the video below and see how much of an ass (and a half) Mr. Carabuena displays himself to be.

Don’t bother looking him up online. From what I gather, he has already deactivated and/or deleted his Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Apparently, this person can verbally abuse, bash and humiliate a person in broad daylight, in the middle of traffic where everyone can see his actions BUT cannot take the same bashing from appalled people on the internet.

Mr. Carabuena, all you are is an overweight, loud-mouthed coward who picks on people smaller than your own size. I hope you get what’s coming to you… jerk.

My middle finger applauds you.

This lame excuse of a man is an Ateneo alumnus and Philip Morris International’s HR Manager.

Indeed, breeding can never be bought, nor taught in school or in the workplace as clearly demonstrated by Mr. Robert “Blair” Carabuena.

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