Beyond the Box’s MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles!

Hello, my dear readers. Are you currently mulling over the idea of getting a new laptop, either for yourself or for a loved one? Dreaming of finally having that beautiful Apple MacBook Air? Well, it seems that there is no better time than now to turn your dream into reality.

Take advantage of Beyond the Box’s MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles!

Starting September 1st, the MacBook Air 11″ & 13″ 128GB variants will be available in super easy Zero24 installments and will be offered with three unique lifestyle bundles at NO EXTRA COST. That’s right!

Beyond the Box's MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles

Hey, let’s face it… The MacBook Air is arguably the most beautiful laptop one can own, wouldn’t you agree? Just imagine – the MacBook Air’s aluminum unibody design exudes a modernly elegant and minimalist appearance. The tapering edges also make the laptop genuinely attractive and impressive.

Measuring 17mm in diameter and weighing at 1.4kg, the MacBook Air is gorgeously thin and incredibly light. Just how light, you may ask? Light enough to make it barely noticeable in your bag, yet robust enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break when you use it.

Whether you’ve never had one or planning to retire your old MacBook, you will no doubt get the most out of your new MacBook Air lifestyle with Beyond the Box’s MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles.

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