Corruption and Tragedies

My sentiments and frustrations regarding the recent tragedy caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda and the ongoing relief work in disaster areas…

Please dont misconstrue my frustrations as a sole blame to the president. The president can only do so much. It’s the officials under him (not all of them) and the officials under them (not all of them either) that make all this very troublesome.
It is also a hard hard lesson yet again on corruption and the gullibility of a multitude of filipinos to vote for candidates based on popularity, familiarity, name recognition and money… and sadly not because of a person’s competency and sincerity.
Some people in social media say, “Stop blaming! Stop pointing fingers and take action instead”… to you I say, SHUT UP! A lot of us ARE doing something about it! But if we don’t look back and see where we went wrong, how can we prevent this from happening again?
Yes, we can only do so much considering the magnitude of the typhoon… but we could have SAVED MORE LIVES had our gov’t funds been used on infrastructure instead of it going to goddamn corrupt politicians’ pockets.
Personally, people who have siphoned money that could have made us better prepared for calamities such as this should hang. Swiftly.
There is a special place in HELL for all of you.
The filipinos do not deserve this fate no matter how resilient and strong we are as a nation and as a people.
I cry for all the filipinos who are lost, grieving, orphaned, hurting, homeless and dying.