I made the switch to Globe GoSURF – Why you should, too.

Remember my recent mobile data usage test to see if it was actually possible to go beyond the 3GB monthly threshold of telcos?

That particular test actually proved that even with a Fair Use Policy, I was comfortably within the 3GB data cap.

I’m actually happy that I was able to help a good number of people understand that most of our paranoia comes from the fact that we just want more, even when in reality, we consume way less data than what we think. But apparently, there is still a lot of people paranoid about the Fair Use Policy.

Some of my readers complain that non-WiFi users hit their daily/monthly data cap much faster because they are solely dependent on mobile data. That’s understandable, although mobile data was never intended to be used exclusively. This particular data service still needs to be complimented with a substantial WiFi connection. But at the end of the day, some people still cannot quite understand that.

That’s ok. No need to fret over that anymore because there actually seems to be a better solution… and in fact, I already recently made the switch!

Going Globe GoSURF

Globe GoSURF

Coming from my very old Supersurf data package (which I’ve been using for roughly 3+ years with my postpaid plan), I eagerly moved to Globe’s new GoSURF plan.

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