Nostalgia and Sa Pula, Sa Puti

17124 I got a call a few days ago from “Eat Bulaga” people asking me if I was willing to guest and participate in a game segment called, “Sa Pula, Sa Puti”.  Most Pinoys know this already.  The game is simple… you belong to one of two teams and take turns answering rather easy questions.  First team to reach 3 points advances to the jackpot round.

Nadia, Jojo & Brylle I was to join other co-members of the now defunct television show, “That’s Entertainment”, for that particular portion.

I agreed to participate and went (naturally).

I was excited to see some of my old friends… my barkadas.  Kinda hard to really touch base and hang out regularly since everyone’s into something else already and parenthood has pretty much placed everything else in the backseat.

A production assistant teaching us the mechanics of the game... My teammates (Puti) were Jojo Abellana, Ricky Rivero, Brylle Mondejar and Nadia Montenegro.  The “Pula” team was comprised of Shirley Fuentes, Jeffrey Santos, Ramon Christopher, Robert Ortega and Jojo Alejar.  T’was a mix of old and new “That’s” hosts.

Fast-forward to the game itself…

We (Puti team) swept the competition 3-0!  So, it was bye-bye red team!  We also won the jackpot prize amounting to 120,000.00!  The jackpot cash was given to the Eat Bulaga scholars… (Happy Jojo and Brylle on the be doing this for a cause!)

More than anything, it was great fellowship!  Nostalgia and reminiscing… (enter music, “Growing Up” by Gary V.)

Just like the old times, when “That’s Entertainment” was still around… it wasn’t the exposure or the singing or the dancing that was memorable… it was coming to the studio to just “hang out” with good friends.

photo 3And for a few moments, it felt just like that… it was “That’s” all over again.  The backstage laughter, teasing and giggling…

It was great!

And it felt good.  :)