Magosaburo – A Different Dining Experience!

I love eating. It probably may not seem physically evident now after dropping 50lbs a couple of years back but I still do.

I love good food. Who doesn’t? And every chance I get to try new food spots, I immediately grab the opportunity. I guess you could also chalk it up to having a travel/food blogger for a wife. I may not be as critical as my wife when it comes to dissecting the different flavors of a dish and how it exquisitely tickles the palate, so to speak… but I do know good food.

Ever since I was a kid, whenever a person would ask me what kind of cuisine I enjoyed the most, I would always reply, “Japanese”. No question that Japanese food is undoubtedly delicious… but the cuisine has also endeared itself to me perhaps because of how their dishes are presented.

Just last Tuesday, my wife and I were invited to try out Manila’s newest Japanese fine dining establishment – MAGOSABURO.

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