Snow Caps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap – There’s more to L-Glutathione than you think!

UPDATE: Alden Richards is now the new brand ambassador of Snow Caps. Read all about it here.


If you think that Glutathione supplements are things that only women take to make themselves whiter, you are sorely mistaken.

It is true that Glutathione helps make skin whiter and adds a special glow to one’s appearance… but did you know that all these beauty benefits are merely a fortunate side effect of this wonderful enzyme? Yup! L-Glutathione is actually mainly used for the incredible health benefits that it offers.

Perhaps, because of all the hype that L-Glutathione gets on television and on print, you’ve been led to believe that its sole purpose of being in the market is for making skin whiter. And although some people indeed use it to make their skin fairer, others actually take Glutathione to improve their health.

And since I’m all about better living and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, I’d like to show you why L-Glutathione is an important supplement that anyone can include in their daily health regimen. This way, we can likewise debunk the common misconception that L-Glutathione is merely a whitening agent.

Just recently, I was presented with the opportunity to try out Snow Caps – a dietary supplement that contains 500mg of L-Glutathione in each capsule. And because I already knew about the wonderful things that this amazing compound provides to the body, I immediately tried it out. Besides, I already have fair skin complexion to start with so I was really only after the betterment of my well-being.

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

On this particular instance, let’s talk about Snow Caps since it is, in fact, the brand of L-Glutathione that I am currently taking, and also because not all supplements are created equal.

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