Vikings at SM Jazz, Makati – Feast like a vi-KING!

Who doesn’t know about one of the most well-known buffet restaurant chains in the country? Vikings is arguably the go-to place for family get togethers and various festive celebrations.

So, since Vikings is such a popular food destination, you’re probably wondering why I am still writing about them. Well, simply because one of their newest branches (which I recently visited) has very different ambiance compared to their other establishments.

Vikings at SM Jazz

Vikings at SM Jazz, Makati City has everything you’ve come to expect from this well-loved franchise… except for the maddening crowd. Yup! This particular branch has a quainter setting and a noticeably more quiet atmosphere. Hey, it doesn’t mean that mixing it up with other people while choosing your favorite dishes ain’t fun. Of course it is!

Vikings at SM Jazz

But if you happen to be looking for a place to hangout which offers the same vast selection of delicious dishes sans the noise and body bumping action as you make your way around the buffet spread, then Vikings at SM Jazz is your best bet.

Vikings at SM Jazz

When I visited Vikings at SM Jazz for the first time, its coziness was the first thing I noticed – the place was significantly more comfortable. I didn’t really have anything to say about their spread because… hey… it’s Vikings, after all! This particular branch may seem to be considerably smaller than other branches, but its space sure doesn’t compromise on the overwhelming selection of dishes being offered here.

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