Skydive Guam – My first skydiving experience ever!

They say that the only way to conquer your fear is to FACE IT.

And though I’ve always believed in that saying, it has never felt frighteningly truer than when I recently visited the beautiful island of Guam where I had the amazing opportunity to go skydiving. Yes… SKYDIVING! What the eff! Why is an acrophobic like me even considering jumping off a plane flying thousands of feet up in the air?! Well, it didn’t really start out as a done deal when I arrived in Guam. Though the offer to go skydiving has long been standing even weeks before the trip, my decision to actually “take the leap” (pun intended, obviously!) didn’t happen until minutes before our trip to the hangar.

SkyDive - Guam
Heading to the SkyDive Guam hangar

Honestly, Victor and Jeff, whom I was traveling with were also on the fence on taking on this challenge. It was all our first time and we really didn’t know what to expect.

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