PHOTOBLOG: Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort + Exploring Kuta with AirAsia!

Have you ever been to Bali, Indonesia? Well, it’s one of those places that truly never leave your heart once you’ve visited the place. From the food, to the beautiful sights and wonderful scenery, Bali is a place that makes for one great getaway destination. No wonder so many people include Bali as one of their must-visit tourist spots.

Lucky for us, Pinoys… we can now visit this breathtaking place and behold its beauty by flying direct from Manila to Bali via AirAsia. This is exactly what I recently did with a couple of friends and acquaintances and I’d like to share a few photos of our quick trip ahead of my full vlog (which will be posted on my YouTube channel and Facebook page) which is coming out very soon.

Enjoy my quick photoblog, folks!

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