Max’s Poison Scare

Max, our little teacup Pomeranian, gave us quite a scare 2 days ago!

While my wife and I were out of the house to attend the Globe/PAL rewards launch and to do a few errands at the mall, our little daughter informed us that Max ingested a small piece rat poison.

She said that in the middle of crying for fear of something bad happening to Max, she tried really hard to pry his mouth open to take out the poison. What a brave little girl!

Thankfully, she was able to pluck the poison out from inside Max’s mouth. But we weren’t sure if that was the only poison he ingested or if our dog was able to ingest more than what our daughter was able to take out.

So, my wife and I had to rush home and take our little dog to the vet and have him checked immediately. Who knows what kind of damage the poison might do to Max’s internal organs.

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