Amorita Resort Bohol – A paradise within paradise

I’ve been to Bohol countless times already. In fact, I’ve probably visited this amazing province 5 times in just the past year (2015) alone. I’ve fallen in love with this place not only for its wonderful beaches and the numerous activities one can enjoy, but also because of the warm, friendly and laid back Boholanos who are so easy to get along to.

Every single time I visit Bohol, I happily discover a new reason why this Visayan province is always worth traveling to. And this very recent trip of mine is no exception.

Amorita Resort Bohol - Philippines AirAsia

Over at Panglao Island, there is a spectacular resort that my wife and I stayed at that was just as relaxing as it was breathtaking. This beautiful place is called Amorita Resort Bohol.

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