Incompetent Greenbelt 4 Security

Wanna know how incompetent most entrance security guards are at the mall? I say most because there are a rare few that actually still do their job… but “few” just won’t cut it, especially when people’s safety and lives are at stake.

Note that I shot the (very short) video below on my wife’s re-entry at one of the entrances of Greenbelt 4. During the first entry seconds earlier, my wife actually took longer in front of the guard prodding and gesturing for him to check her bag. That’s when I noticed that this damn guard wasn’t just lax. He actually wasn’t doing his effin job!

So after our first pass-thru, I told my wife to turn around, exit the establishment and re-enter… but this time, with me behind her – documenting the entire thing on video. Watch.

As you can see, the guard glanced but wasn’t even bothered that the pass-thru detector alarmed when my wife walked through it.

Are these guards even trained properly? Or are they just whiling the hours on the job doing nothing, waiting for their next paycheck? Though they may be polite to customers and smile every now and then when talking to passersby, none of that feels comforting at all when you know that possible terrorists and robbers can walk freely in and out of these highly congested malls carrying explosives and firearms.

Keep in mind that this kind of thing happens not just at Greenbelt. It happens practically in every mall all around Metro Manila (and most likely across the Philippines as well).

Disappointing and very alarming.