Ocean Park Hong Kong – My top attraction picks!

Ocean Park Hong Kong is perhaps one of the most sought after places to visit when you head over to the “Shopping mecca of Asia”. And with good reason!

A landmark for decades, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a destination for locals and tourists alike, whether you’re with kids or not.

Whether you’ve been to this amazing place already or planning to visit it for the first time, I am quite confident that you’ll enjoy every attraction that Ocean Park Hong Kong has to offer.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

During my recent trip to Hong Kong a couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to extensively tour around this famed theme park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

As tiring as it may seem to cover the entire site of Ocean Park Hong Kong on foot, the sites to see and the endless fun you’ll have will make you totally forget all about your throbbing feet and tired legs.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Allow me to feature some of the awesome (and notable) attractions of Ocean Park Hong Kong which I consider to be my top picks. Let’s begin, shall we?

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