Project Wonderful: From relief to rebuild. An act of following through.

“Follow through…”

Michael Jordan - final shot against Utah JazzI remember my dad teaching me this technique back when I was a kid learning how to play bowling. “Follow through” is the act of guiding your actions to completion. In bowling, it is the gesture or movement of your arm and hand moving towards the target long after the ball has left you, seemingly leading the object to its intended target.

Remember when Michael Jordan made that last game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz? How his hand was still up in the air as the ball was flying to meet the basket? Follow through.

As I grew up, I learned that the act of following through is a very important part in all aspects of life as well as the successes of our endeavors.

Even now, I am reminded of this once again with all the relief efforts that have been poured into the Visayas region due to the devastation brought about by Super typhoon Yolanda back in November 8. Though this tragic event brought out the Filipino bayanihan spirit in in all of us, we shouldn’t forget that helping doesn’t only come in the form of relief. Providing relief assistance to millions of people who were left homeless, jobless and hungry is merely the first of many phases and most certainly does not determine the success of all our concerted efforts.

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