Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Manila is WORTH IT! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I noticed that there has been so much talk as of late about Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Manila. Unfortunately, some of these conversations have been about the event’s ticket prices which some consider to be quite expensive.

Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour in Manila

A lot of bloggers, as if in perfect sync and seeming orchestration, have suddenly published posts that suspiciously have the same tone and the same question. These individuals have been asking, “What’s so wonderful about spending Php 60,000.00 for a concert?”, followed by a call for people to join a particular promo instead, with the possibility to watch Madonna for free. The ploy it seems is to convince readers to believe that theirs is “the better choice”.

But, my question is… is it REALLY the better choice?

Let’s break it down for a second and see if what they say truly holds water.

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