Acer #PowerLook – Behold! The Acer Premium Line!

With the vast selection of easy-to-use laptops, netbooks and tablets sold in the market nowadays, and as each gadget becomes smaller and smaller, you would think that gone are the days of workstations and high-powered devices.

On the contrary, there is very much a need for such products.

Sure, surfing the internet, updating your Facebook status, word processing and watching your favorite videos can be performed using your handy notepad or tablet. But, what if work (or play) requires a higher demand for power? Memory-intesive graphics design or power-hungry gameplay, perhaps. Good luck performing those tasks using a simple netbook. You’ll probably end up pulling your hair in frustration… if your device doesn’t give up on you first.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line

But hey, that’s the very reason why Acer Philippines reminds us that there is Acer Premium – an elite array of top-of-the-line Acer products showcasing first-class engineering in sophisticated design. Just because a device works like a behemoth of a monster doesn’t mean it can’t look good at the same time, right?

Power and Looks – a potent combination that is sure to attract the most discerning of consumers. That’s why Acer Philippines launched their most “powerful” campaign to date.

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