Smarten Your Regular TV In Seconds!

Now this is something worth looking out for.

Imagine your usual television set (assuming yours has an HDMI port) instantly converted into a Smart TV in a matter of seconds.  Sounds unbelievable?  Believe it.

Pocket TV, a device developed by a Dubai-based company called, Infinitec, plans to “smarten” every regular television set with their nifty plug-in device for the cheap!  This amazing device runs Android 4.0 and, by plugging it into your television’s HDMI port, will allow you to do to on your television set anything you could normally do on a regular smartphone like surfing the web, playing games and even video chatting.  Pretty awesome, ain’t it?

It even comes with a USB port so you can plug in a keyboard or a mouse.  Likewise, it also sports an SD card for additional storage.

Not bad for something that’ll reportedly cost a little over $160 only.  The Pocket TV starts production this month and is expected to be available by October.

Check out the video below to see how this very promising gadget can transform your entire television experience.

So, what do ya think?  Cool, eh?  Leave your comments below…