Buy apps on Google Play Store via Globe direct carrier billing

There’s no doubt a vast majority of smartphone users are on the Android operating system. And the huge number of apps on the Google Play Store, 1.3 million and growing to be exact, is a testament to the incredible market developers have on this highly successful platform.

Google Play Store via Globe direct carrier billingIt’s no different here in the Philippines. Android is immensely popular. The selection of devices are only outnumbered by the number of apps Filipinos download for their phones.

One major concern, though, is that not everyone has a credit/debit card which is one major mode of payment when you wish to purchase a paid app on the Google Play Store. In fact, according to the CIA Fact Book in 2013, only 4% of Pinoys own credit cards. Wow. So, people end up settling for free apps not realizing how awesome a lot of those premium paid apps are.

Apart from my super favorite GCash, Globe Telecom has come up with an ingenious mode of payment paving the way for Android users to be able to enjoy premium apps by purchasing them with absolute ease.

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