Is “Earth Hour” Superficial?

Earth Hour

With “Earth Hour” fast approaching (tonight; 31st March 2012 @ 8:30PM-9:30PM), criticism has been going around saying that this movement is nothing more than superficial.

The way I see it, it only becomes superficial when the general populace doesn’t recognize the true reason why we partake of this exercise.

Earth Hour, in my opinion, is practiced every year to remind us of our greatly important (and lifelong) responsibility towards Mother Nature. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that killing the lights for 1 hour every year will never be enough to save our dying planet. It is symbolic. A call to action. And ’tis best that we heed that call immediately.

So… is Earth Hour merely an empty cause? Perhaps it is – for those who think that saving Mother Earth is none of their business.

But for those like me (and hopefully you) who realize the urgency of it – not only is Earth Hour NOT a superficial movement…

It is a beckoning.

A call to every single human being on this planet to hold dear the true essence of Earth Hour. To come together and consciously help save Mother Earth each and every day.

To ultimately make Earth Hour a way of life.

I have a short video on’s website showing how my family and I can help save Mother Earth in our own little way #BeyondEarthHour. Click here watch it.