One bad apple spoils the whole bunch – Pinoy Trending News and the case for responsible journalism

Responsible and ethical journalism. This is something that is often talked about within the industries of social and traditional media. It simply means that as a journalist – whether online, on air, or on print – there is always a responsibility and a duty to make sure that whatever information is being let out in public is factual and true. This holds true regardless if you are writing about current events or simply stating a personal opinion.

Pinoy Trending News - Globe Telecom - Manny Pinol

In an ideal world, bloggers would strictly abide by this important tenet – not only because one cares for his/her integrity but also because it is the right thing to do. Readers deserve accurate reporting.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Far from it, sad to say. And as much as most of us who own and maintain blogs strive hard to uplift the image and integrity of the blogging community, there remains a significant number of irresponsible jerks who write with reckless abandon and with no sense of responsibility – all for the sake of being controversial and coming out with the juiciest news first.

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