Pocket Power – The Phonesuit Flex Micro Battery Pack

I’m always on the lookout for cool devices and gadgets… not to mention power banks that extend the battery life of your smartphone therefore furthering your productivity throughout the day.

I know how some of you aren’t too keen on bringing a bulky external power bank. But then again, sometimes we don’t have a choice especially when you know that you’ll be away from a power outlet for quite a long time. There’s quite a selection of power bank cases in the market for the iPhone 5. But what about for Android devices?

When it comes to these kinds of gadgets, more often than not, it’s all about portability and ease of use.

So, whenever I chance upon useful and share-worthy devices, I make sure to blog about it and let my readers know about it.

Just like this particular portable power bank that I discovered quite recently which I purchased online using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay….!


The PhoneSuit Flex Micro Battery Pack

Phonesuit Flex

The Phonesuit Flex is fairly new to the market. And though it comes at a time when there are already a ton of power bank selections available and being sold all over, it brings to the table a few nifty advantages and features.

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