Maliwanag Ang Pasko… Sa Paligid At Sa Puso

When we see parks and houses filled with lights during the holidays, the kid inside each one of us comes out. It’s like we are transported back to our childhood days wherein Christmas simply means being with family and friends, sharing stories, laughter and one another’s joy.

Isn’t it a pleasure to just sit in a park filled with Christmas lights, watching people go by? There is that certain fuzzy warmth inside that just tugs at your heart seemingly wanting to say, “Hey, it’s Christmas… whatever your burdens, it doesn’t matter now. You are loved. Be happy.”

Don’t you just wish that we could have more of these around and beyond the Metro? Something to remind us of Christmas and the genuine love it brings out of even the hardest of hearts.

Meralco has done just that… and more.

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