Schick Exacta 2 – As smooth as parkour! Smooth Lee!

Don’t you just love watching seemingly difficult physical feats demonstrated by professionals making it look absolutely smooth and effortless?

Just imagine Michael Jordan gliding on air from the free throw line coming in for an explosive dunk. The way he does it seems oh so easy, right?

Well, I love physical activities myself. I enjoy a good challenge. More so now since I’ve brought my weight down from 185lbs to 135lbs.

Schick Exacta 2

Recently, I was invited by Schick Philippines and Ninja Academy to try out a fairly popular sport around the world which has slowly and surely been making its mark here in the Philippines. It’s called “Parkour”. I’m sure you’ve heard about this insanely cool craze.

Schick Exacta 2

It was absolutely fun hanging out with friends like Victor Basa and Jinoe Gavan who seemed to be as excited as I am to try out Parkour for the first time.

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