Pacsafe opens its first flaship store at Glorietta 5

Imagine heading off to the beach for some much needed downtime or happily backpacking around a European countryside. Exciting, right? Now imagine finding out during your trip that your money, card and passport are missing. That’s a very scary thought — and a very real possibility whenever you’re out traveling.

Thieves are very cunning and always preying on individuals, especially those whose mind is preoccupied on so many other things, which is exactly how we are when in transit or busy doing other activities.

Fortunately, we need not be helpless when criminals strike. Pacsafe has made sure of that.

Pacsafe - Glorietta 5
Pacsafe is a brand of bags that aren’t just stylish and attractive. These products are designed mainly to protect the valuable items that you bring along with you wherever you go and preventing thieves from stealing them away from you.

You’ve probably already heard of this popular brand especially if you’re serious about security.

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