ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus (20400mAh) review

If you’ve got a mobile device (like a smartphone or a tablet), then you know very well the perils of a dying battery and the urgency of having a good power bank on hand all the time.

All power banks are the same with regards to use and purpose. It is to conveniently provide power to your gadgets anytime anywhere.

What actually makes some power banks better than others are their reliability, capacity and quality.

That being said, what I have with me right now is the ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus.

ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus

Compared to a previous ibattz model which I reviewed sometime ago and another one a couple of months back, this one is pretty badass in terms of capacity. The ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus packs a whopping 20400mAh of portable power (Yes, I said 20400mAh… that ain’t a typo). More than enough for anyone with a slew of gadgets in hand.

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