Amacena by Chef Luigi Muhlach at One Tagaytay Place Hotel – A destination for incredible food!

Tagaytay is one place I never grow tired of visiting. It’s one of the best escape destinations that isn’t too far from Manila, making it easily accessible and convenient to travel to.

Apart from its pleasant climate, scenic Taal Lake and Volcano, and mouthwatering bulalo, I recently discovered a new restaurant that has given me more reason to keep on returning to Tagaytay — Amacena at One Tagaytay Place Hotel.

Amacena by Chef Luigi Muhlach - One Tagaytay Place Hotel

Amacena is an incredibly cozy and easygoing restaurant that boasts of a great selection of dishes carefully concocted and prepared by Executive Chef Luigi Muhlach. If his name sounds familiar, then you’re probably an ‘80s kid. Luigi Muhlach used to go by his childhood name — Igi Boy — a household name back in the day when his showbiz parents (and good friends of mine), Aga Muhlach and Janice de Belen, used to mention his name regularly on television.

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