InnerExile Odyssey 5

I love how my iPhone 5 looks. I love it to bits! Any iPhone 5 owner would probably tell you that, if not for the risk of accidentally dropping (or banging) their own unit, it would really be swell to carry this device commando-style. Why? Because the iPhone 5 looks so damn handsome on its own.

But, the reality is that the iPhone 5 is susceptible to little knicks and scratches. Not good at all. The natural thing to do is immediately head over to a smartphone accessory shop and purchase a protector for your device so you can somehow have a little bit more peace of mind.

It’s true… an iPhone 5 casing/protector isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s a necessity especially if you care dearly for your phone.

The question now is this: Is there some sort of middle ground wherein a protector can be just as functional in “protecting” yet not as flashy as to take away from the actual beauty of the iPhone 5’s form factor?

The answer is YES.

Enter, the InnerExile Odyssey 5 Aluminum Bumper. It is everything you’d want from an iPhone 5 protector – strong, sleek, sturdy… without the overly flashy, colorful designs of typical iPhone 5 casings being sold all over.

InnerExile describes their Odyssey 5 Aluminum Bumper as follows:

Laureate of 2013 Gold Pin Design Award, odyssey 5 provides full protection to your iPhone with elegance design. odyssey 5 aluminum bumper not only protects your iPhone from shocks and scratches, but also provides a unique and elegant design. odyssey 5 comes with stylish various back covers to match your taste and style. With our patent snap lock design, odyssey 5 doesn’t need tools, takes only seconds to assemble. Take your iPhone to another level of protection with odyssey 5.

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