Oh, so right with NutriRite!

Friends know very well how careful I am when it comes to the kinds of food I put in my body. I am not one who is easily swayed by marketing hype and false advertising.

I try to stay away from sugary food and simple carbs.

It’s no simple feat to drop from 185 lbs. down to 135 lbs. especially when I have grown accustomed to a daily habit of eating anything I please.

During the course of my weight loss journey, I have realized two things: 1. A good diet makes up 70% of your overall fitness program. 2. Fitness is not a goal wherein you can simply stop once you’ve reached your desired weight target – It is, in fact, a lifestyle that never really ends.

And it is because of these truths (however hard it may be for any of you to accept) that I am continuously looking for great options when it comes to healthy food.

Nutririte Cereal Drink

During my continuous search, I chanced upon a fairly new product called, NutriRite. You may have already seen this being sold when you do your shopping or during your regular grocery trips. But, for the benefit of those who aren’t aware, NutriRite is a quick and easy-to-make cereal drink that is easy on the pocket yet heavy on nutrition.

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