Come to the Nutella Pop-Up Store at Landmark, Trinoma and go (hazel) NUTS!

I love Nutella. Who doesn’t, really? I don’t know anyone who can truly resist the deliciously sweet hazelnutty taste that Nutella is known for.

Nutella goes well with just about anything at all – bread, bananas, coffee (Yes! Coffee!), biscuits, ice cream and so much more!

Even my kids go crazy when my wife and I bring home a jar of Nutella. It really is one of life’s simple joys.

But hey… do you know what could be better than Nutella? Nutella with loads of amazing freebies and premium items, that’s what! Confused?

nutella pop-up store landmark trinoma

I’m talking about the Nutella Pop-Up Store that’s currently open at the Landmark Complex Supermarket Level 1 (near MRT & North Ave. entrances). For those unfamiliar, it’s the new Landmark wing in Trinoma which is actually a shortcut from MRT to North Avenue.

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