Nurture Wellness Village – One unforgettable glamping staycation!

Just recently, I had one of the most unique staycations that has left me completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Typical staycations that are meant to be a means to escape and de-stress are usually spent in hotels and resorts. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love those kinds of getaways… In fact, my family and I regularly do this kind of activity because it’s great.

But one of my more recent “escapes” proved to be extra special not only because of the incredible experience it provided but also the undeniable positive effect it had on me and my wife.

Nurture Wellness Village - Glamping - Tagaytay

You see, I recently had the pleasure of spending 2 days (overnight stay) at Nurture Wellness Village to enjoy a different kind of getaway… one that involved a kind of sleepover that was new to me — Glamping!

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