Globe Raises Questions Over NTC Results

I have been a long time subscriber of Globe Telecom. It’s no secret.

Looking back at how bad their mobile internet and network signal used to be a couple of years ago, it’s quite amazing to see (and experience) how their service has improved by leaps and bounds. Their 3G signal is stronger and more stable, dropped calls hardly happen anymore, and their LTE speeds are nothing short of awesome.

I’m glad I stuck it out all through these years even when Globe took a lot of flak from bashers as well as constantly being on the receiving end of a ton of demolition jobs by the competition.  In the end, they actually even gained more subscribers.

I know for a fact Globe has improved and has even surpassed all other mobile networks. Pretty impressive considering they haven’t even completed their entire network infrastructure overhaul.

That being said, there seems to be some sort of an inconsistency when it comes to the second quarter Benchmarking results of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Globe surpassed all NTC standards, which indicate that its modernization program is delivering on its objectives.

However, Globe Telecom said its continuous drive towards superior network quality and performance calls for a deeper look into the numbers revealed by the NTC tests.

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