The NEW Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan

Admit it… some of you have gone into a telecom store looking for a mobile plan, checked out your options and ended up more confused than when you came in.

Hey, it happens.

Even when these mobile plans are laid out in front of you and explained in detail, sometimes you get “information overload”. Then you pretend to understand and just choose a plan to get it done and over with. You end up having a plan that either doesn’t meet your requirements or something that is way over your allotted budget. Either way, not good.

Globe MyLIFESTYLE PlanWell, all those postpaid woes are about to go away because I recently learned about the new Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan.

It is, by far, the easiest, fastest and most straightforward way to assemble a mobile and data plan that best suits your kind of lifestyle. It takes away the stress of trying to understand countless figures and tedious computations.

Compared to the old Globe Postpaid plans where there are many plan offers, Freebies and Boosters to choose from, the new Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan is much simpler. Now, there is only ONE PLAN.

Globe MyLifestyle Plan

Another big difference is that with the old plans, adding Combos or Boosters to your plan doesn’t give you a better handset. With Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan, the more promo packs you add to your base plan, the better the handset you can get!

If you know how to do basic math, you’re good to go.

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