Jeremy Passion at the Music Museum – Win Tickets!

I love music as most if not all of you do as well. Whenever great talent is discovered, I am always in support of their efforts. I for one have been a managing partner for a band a few years back and though the band I used to manage went the way of most bands with clashing personalities, it was a great experience nonetheless.

Before I returned to showbiz, I was also a Musical Director, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. In a way, that tells you how much I support the music industry.

That being said, I recently found out from a friend that a great talent is coming to the Philippines and will be performing at the Music Museum this Friday, March 21, 2014. His name is Jeremy Passion.

Jeremy Passion concert

Jeremy is a Filipino talent who has honed his musical skills in the United States and is now ready to share his music to the world.

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