Uratex will revolutionize the way you sleep!

We spend about a third of our day — approximately 8 hours — laying in bed, sleeping. That’s a very big chunk of our day. For some, it may be more… for others, less, depending on the demands and habits of our lifestyle. It is vital that we get ample rest so that our bodies can recharge and recover from the rigorous and stressful activities we subject them to.

But, as much as sleep may be important, no one can deny that the quality of one’s sleep is equally crucial. That is why WHERE you lay yourself is just as essential as the length of that rest.

I know the value of sleep, considering that I’ve been working since a child in the entertainment industry. We all know that in showbusiness, quality sleep is something that is very hard to come by. TV shoots and tapings last till the wee hours of the morning and you realize that when you get home, the bed pretty much becomes your best friend.

Uratex mattressNow that I’m older, a husband and a father to two wonderful teenagers, I make it a point to stress the importance of sleep and recovery to my children. That is why my wife and I have become very meticulous with the kind of mattresses we use. In fact, we just started looking around for new ones the other week, finding the kind of mattress that would suit our needs and promises to deliver the kind of quality rest that we demand.

During our usual window shopping sessions, my wife and I found out that there are new Uratex mattresses being offered at Our Home inside SM Megamall.

I’d like to believe that you, my dear readers, also realize the value of a very good mattress… that is why I’d like to share with all of you the new kinds of Uratex mattresses I discovered which aims to revolutionize our sleep. I’m pretty sure you’ll find this new line of Uratex mattresses very interesting.

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