Batangas Food Festival at Matabungkay Beach Hotel – A food trip like no other

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name “Matabungkay” is childhood memories.

Batangas Food Festival - Matabungkay Beach Hotel

If you are more or less my age, living in the Philippines back in the ’80s and early ’90s, it is quite impossible not to know Matabungkay Beach Club. It is one of the most popular and notable destination resorts back then and home to many beautiful memories.

Batangas Food Festival - Matabungkay Beach Hotel

I was invited to visit Matabungkay Beach Hotel a couple of weeks ago to enjoy their recently launched Batangas Food Festival. The moment I stepped in, my first thought was, “Wow! This place is actually still alive and well after all these years!” In fact, the place has improved by leaps and bounds compared to what I used to remember of this nostalgic resort. The Matabungkay Beach Club of old is no more. Now called, Matabungkay Beach Hotel, this sprawling establishment boasts of many facilities and amenities that families and friends will truly enjoy.

Batangas Food Festival - Matabungkay Beach Hotel

No doubt, I will come back with family to experience this beloved place very soon but for now it’s all about their much celebrated Batangas Food Festival — and I was so excited to know more about it.

You see, from October to December 2016, Matabungkay Beach Hotel will be featuring the amazing dishes of the culture-rich province of Batangas through their Batangas Food Festival.

Expect traditional and diversified specialties from Matabungkay Beach Hotel with the expert help of Masflex Ambassador Nancy Reyes-Lumen, as well as Chef Jaja Andal and Chef Popit de Leon.

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