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I absolutely enjoy online shopping. In fact, I personally believe that this experience has never been as enjoyable and as convenient as it is today.

International brands and hard-to-find items which long ago seemed impossible to obtain are now just a few mouse clicks away. In fact, there are a good number of products that even come out cheaper when purchased on the internet as opposed to buying them locally. It even gives you the opportunity to have have the latest items faster than most people. Some even offer free delivery right to your doorstep. Awesome!

And because of how easy it is for Filipinos to now access the “world wide web” (does anyone still use this term?) through smartphones and unlimited surfing packages, our online shopping appetite has further been stimulated.

Based on studies, topping the list categories that attracts the interest of the Filipino online shopper is music downloads at 41.4% and apps downloads at 37%. This is followed by personal, educational and professional development websites at 27.6% and computer software at 26.8% and home appliance and electronic products at 25.6%. Travel is also on top of the list at 27.2% and airlines at 26.4%. Fashion and beauty are also high on the list with retailers for clothing and accessories at 24.2% and personal care and beauty care brands at 21.6%. Entertainment is also popular with cinema and movie theaters and restaurants and food delivery service both at 22.6%.

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love the thought of online shopping.

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