With AirAsia Zest, love is in the air… 30,000 feet, to be exact!

When you think of Valentine’s, images of chocolates, roses, and fine dining in fancy restaurants come to mind immediately.

It’s probably what every couple does during this romantic occasion. That and *ahem!* a few extra-curricular activities (if you know what I mean)… Hehehe.

But what if I told you that there’s an opportunity for you and your special someone to spend this season of hearts in a different, yet more exciting way?

How different and exciting? Say, an amazing AirAsia Zest domestic trip for the both of you to make this Valentine a moment to cherish and remember for years to come? Of course, you’d love that!

All it takes is just a little creativity and a few clicks of a button.

Here are the details and how to join…
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