KKday launches in the Philippines in partnership with Philippines AirAsia

This digital age we now live in is really amazing. Imagine… it has changed the way we live, in virtually every way. Wouldn’t you agree?

It has changed the way we shop, the way we eat, and most especially, the way we travel.

When you go abroad, every single moment is precious — and the people behind KKday know this as well. That is why this Travel Itinerary website from Taiwan has quickly become an essential when preparing for trips out of the country.

KKday Logo

It’s wonderful creating your own itinerary with KKday because it allows you to take control of your time, giving you the opportunity to maximize every second of your trip to the fullest, all while getting the best possible deal. And hey, getting the best possible deal whenever we travel is very important because stretching one’s budget is vital.

With over 6,000 tours and activities from all over the world to choose from, travelers of all kinds and from all walks of life are sure to find something on KKday that matches their wants and needs.

This company has actually already established offices across Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Now, they’ve just launched in the Philippines (Yay!) and are definitely going to change the way Filipinos travel! Are you excited already? You should be!

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